Smiles and Promises 2.0: Week 5 & 6

Cheating because the past two weeks have been so crazy. Here’s what went down during my birthday week and the week after that 🙂

July 17

Said goodbye to my straight hair again ‘coz I’m easily bored like that. To be fair I was last curly back in early 2014! That’s two years of straight hair!


July 19

Discovered Ang Bandang Shirley. On this day, too, I learned that we often blow our fears out of proportion. I thought I was gonna have a bad birthday eve, but I was happily proven wrong.


July 20

Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan? 🙂

Seriously, a low-key but happy day. Spent quality time with the family, and received heartwarming messages from a lot of friends. ‘Pag tumatanda ka na sumi-simple na gusto mo sa buhay ‘no? I’m 25 – just smack right in between the 20s and 30s. Life is beautiful 🙂

July 21 

Got these goodies from my best friend Rizza, who left them with me back in February when she visited Manila. I was under strict instructions not to open them until my birthday, and I was happy to oblige.


July 22

#TeamOrtigas hosted our monthly young adult cell group at this neat place in Greenfields District. I invited Mayel over, and everyone surprised the July celebrants (Me, Sai, Ate Lysh) with cake!


bday cake

Photo c/o Betsy

My accountability partner Betsy also gave me a gift that is so apt with my #GetFitAt26 goals. Thanks AP! :*

ap gift

And proof that I’m serious with that hashtag:


July 24

Ate Lysha’s birthday! Our youth group SOULDiers gave the May to July (oo, malawak ang scope haha) celebrants a birthday cake~

may-july celebrants

Photo c/o Mae

July 27

If this is what our environment beat weekly meetings will be like, then yey! Hello healthy food~

healthy living

July 27: Rappler Talk interview with Education Secretary Leonor Briones.


July 28

My only photo during Elize’s despedida. It was a great night of drinks and laughter with former and current officemates, albeit the reason for the dinner is still sad (until now)


July 29: Rappler Talk interview with Gina Lopez


What I don’t have photos of: dinner with Elize and Michael, and photo with Rey when we visited him at the hospital. Again, a night of conversations, long-distance walking, and puns 😐 :))

July 30

Hands down the highlight of my month! The July celebrants’ birthday “salubong” is becoming a yearly tradition. I love it. Most of my updates that night went to Snapchat, and this day probably deserves a separate (detailed) post. For now, here are some photos from Saturday.



Photo c/o Kate


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