What it feels like turning 25


“Tumatanda ka na nga,” my cousin quipped after I told her how I spent my first day as a 25-year-old: at home, watching movies and television shows, eating pandesal and taho and home-made spaghetti from the friendly neighborhood karinderya.

This year, all I wanted to do for my birthday is rest, because it has been nonstop since 2016 kicked in: elections, opening of classes, and the start of the Duterte administration.

I am in desperate need of rest, and my body says so too. For two months now I’ve been coughing like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m just really, really tired.

I should’ve taken a birthday week leave (Kai beat me to it!), but I wanted to keep my yearly tradition of taking a week off every August. I wonder if this cough will get any better by then.

On my birthday, I found time to rest and just be grateful that I am one year older, and only because the Lord willed it so.

I told my best friend Carlo that turning 25 feels like the most natural thing.

I realized that the so-called quarter life crisis people keep talking about is the least of my worries now. I’m not worried about where I should be at this point in my life because I have eternity – not the world’s timelines – in my mind,

And as far as eternity is concerned, where I am right now is exactly where God wants me to be, and where He will use me for His greater glory.

For the past months, the Lord has been teaching me two things: patience and courage. Patience, and to wait upon the Lord and His promises. Courage, and to fear nothing but God, as I grow more in love with Him every day.

How apt, because the best years are still ahead me. And that’s why turning 25 excites me.

Here’s to another year of daily surrenders, and “relying on God…as if nothing had yet been done”.


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