Smiles and Promises 2.0: Week 4

Oh, I’m on Week 4 already!

July 10: Met with my best friend after Sunday service to catch up, supposedly over coffee and movie, but we had Japanese dinner and ice cream instead. It was a spontaneous “Tara, coffee?” thing – pretty much how our friendship has always been all these years.

Would’ve wanted to watch Finding Dory too, but it was a short meeting. Next time, we’ll get coffee, and go to National Museum or catch a Cinema ’76 movie – any will do, doesn’t matter. It’s the company that counts.

To be honest, if you asked me back in 2012, it would’ve never crossed my mind that he would be my best guy friend after college. Life and its surprises.


July 12: Back at the Supreme Court to cover the historic ruling of an arbitral tribunal on the Philippine case vs. China. Took this photo because Naoki and Kuya Roque stood out with their blue jackets (it was just drizzling!).

supreme court

July 13: Housewarming (Aika and Raisa’s) and birthday (Nile) party with Rapplers!


Photo c/o Nile

July 14: I was interviewed by two different groups of students for their communication subjects. The first interview was on HIV reporting, the other, on how I got started in journalism. The simple gift below was from the second group of students.


I attended a workshop on persons with intellectual disabilities that day with Buena, Raisa, Alecs, and Patty. After the workshop, all of us save from Patty watched during the gala night of Pauwi Na, directed by Paolo Villaluna.

July 16: Dinner with Kai and Mayel kickstarted my birthday week (ish)! We met at Subspace first and stayed there for an hour or so, then had dinner at Yedang and talked (while eating) for 4 hours non-stop.


Just some of Subspace’s unique decors

I always lose track of the time when I’m with these two. I love it.



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