Smiles and Promises 2.0: Week 3

July 4: Missed* the first Sunday of the month to attend the dedication of my 3rd** inaanak, but I still got to bond with Honeylet and Ione for a quick UP run after service. Tito Leo and Tita Heidi also brought Ione and I along for a dinner after the run. Yey!


July 4: It’s my day-off and I spent the entire day bed-resting my cough away. I’m still coughing as I type this, but here’s to hoping I got at least a little better huhu.

But I wasn’t holed up at home all day. I went out for dinner with Sir Mario, Roda, her sister Oan, and new friend Mariel. Apparently there’s a running joke at DepEd that Roda, Mariel, and I are “sisters” because we look alike. You judge if it’s true!


Photo c/o Sir Mario

Usec Mario, see you around!

July 5: Went to Iloilo for a day-trip coverage. It was a jam-packed day so the only tourist-y shots I have are of those from the plane – clouds, sunrise, and sunset. Not bad. That quick visit piqued my interest of the city, though. I’ll be back, Iloilo.


July 8: Slept over at Buena’s place. She was my original running buddy, back when she was still based in QC. I left her place with a Myers-Briggs Personality Type (ISFJ), two books, and many stories to get me through until the next time we hang out again. 🙂


*Was able to stay and finish praise and worship time led by Ione, though.
**There’s an inaanak I don’t count anymore simply because I have no idea where he and his family are currently. They used to be our neighbors back in Biñan.


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