Smiles and Promises 2.0: Week 2

June 26: Started this new week on a good note: Brickfire and Headquarters in Katipunan with my favorite crew.

Photo c/o Johnmer

Look who’s back, though!

Be good, last week of June. Be good, please 🙂

June 27: And because we’re a clingy group~ CRC’s Young Adult group had an almost complete attendance (We missed you Kuya Fer!) plus Tito Mamer, and Kate and Johnmer’s friends 🙂


Photo c/o Betsy

June 30: The last (half) day of the Aquino administration was extremely tiring. Our team covered from the Times Street where now former President Benigno Aquino III resides as a private citizen.


The Aquino administration will be memorable to me since it’s the first administration I covered as a reporter. Below is a photo showing the closest I’ve ever been to Aquino. Despite everything, thank you, Mr. President.


To the first Cabinet secretary I covered: Thank you, Bro! It was not smooth-sailing covering you and your department, but here we are.


Thank you, too, Asec Rey! You were very forgiving to my newbie self 3 years ago, and I will always thank God for the grace you extended to me from then until now. See you around 🙂


July 1: #ChangeHasCome now that I’m covering a new beat. I’m still covering DepEd and DOH, but here’s a new challenge right here. Let’s go, DENR~


Met Saab after her band Cheats performed a few songs for Rappler’s Live Jam. Watch that here!


Then Karaoke Friday with Rapplers! Sang – what else? – Total Eclipse of the Heart for my only solo song~


Photo c/o Elize

Here we all are having fun during Naoki’s rendition of Mula sa Puso.


Photo c/o Elize

Didn’t take photos that night because I was having too much fun, so snatched Elize’s photos instead (hope she doesn’t mind hehe). Love this girl so much so I’d use the photo below even if it’s super unflattering (for me, she’s still gorg) huhuhu don’t leave meeeee~




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