Smiles and Promises 2.0: Week 1

Reviving this series because I really need to be reminded that life is good and that everything’s just a matter of perspective.

I did this series (weekly) back in 2011/2012 when I was nursing a broken heart. Today, I find myself in a world that’s harsher and angrier. I’m really not sure if the world has always been like this and I just grew up. Maybe. But most days, I don’t like myself and the world I live in.

This time, I’m going to keep updating the post with everything that made me happy/hopeful throughout the week.

June 22

7:20 am – Today I didn’t have to wait long for the Comet e-jeepney – just 5 minutes for a much cheaper alternative to my lazy self’s usual Uber/Grab ride. I’ve grown impatient over the years, and now I dread commute time which I used to enjoy before. But waiting is always rewarding in the end. Besides, life is filled with waiting anyway – it won’t adjust to my impatience and laziness.

It’s 7:50 am, I’m now at the LRT waiting in line. I’m still an hour and 10 minutes early for my coverage. I was happily surprised with the new bag inspecting machine – is that what it’s called? The lines here are not as bad as I imagined. See? It’s not that bad, Jee. Patience.

June 23


Ok, I didn’t take this photo. My best friend Carlo sent this to me at 5:57 am. He was at the Los Angeles stop of his US trip, and remembered how much I love Paul Rudd. He remembered me while on his US trip! This really, really made my day.


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