Slow down


Next week will be crazy. Heck, the next 3 weeks will be crazy. But it starts getting crazy next week: I have to churn out 3 analysis stories in one week – 3! – and then start preparing for D-Day aka May 9.

Even today was a bit hectic: I was desk from 7 am to 1 pm, then I went out to meet a source for a short interview. I still have two pending stories (one for tomorrow, the other not really required but I’m being bibo haha) in my to-do list and if I want to get all these things done, I really shouldn’t be blogging right now.

But I am, because I need to catch my breath. I consider it a blessing in disguise when it was already the start of the rush hours by the time my interview ended. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic, so I leisurely went around a bookstore and a department store. I decided to try wearing contacts again, so I paid the optometrist a visit (For the curious: my eye grade went up just a little bit. Thank God it’s not as worse as I initially thought it would be).

Now I’m in a coffee shop, still waiting out the rush hour traffic. At first, I wanted to work here, but I thought, that’s what I’ll be doing anyway when I get home since I’m all alone on a Saturday night. How sad is it to work when you’re out and still work when you’re home?

And then I came across this Desiring God article and I realized it’s been 4 days since I last opened my Bible. I really don’t want to be that Christian.

At the end of the day, no matter how busy life gets, I always have the choice. And right now, I choose to slow down.


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