What a month, February

What can I say, February? You surprised me in more ways than one. I thought I’d miss out on a lot of things just because #PHvote is here, but it turns out that if there’s a will, there really is a way.

I’m going to leave this here as a reminder that you had a good month, Jee, and whatever life throws at you in the coming months, you will overcome. The good days will outweigh the bad ones, as you so often told a former love. It’s still true now, yes? 🙂

February 4 – Dinner with Michael and Elize

February was off to a good start with the spontaneous dinner at Gerry’s with Michael and Elize. I remember laughing a lot that night and really having a great time with two workmates I’m really comfortable with.


February 7 – Mt Batulao hike with Rapplers

Planned just two weeks (or less?) before the actual climb, we actually pulled this one off despite a muddy trail at the start that could’ve deterred a beginner from pushing through. Glad we pushed through though, and with a lot of help from our guide, Kuya Angelo.


Photo c/o Jed


Look at that view!


Our 3rd mountain together, and a yearly tradition! (Photo c/o Elize)


With Kuya Angelo (Photo c/o Elize)


Made it 🙂 (Photo c/o Jed)

February 8 – Dinner with Carlo

Finally found time to meet this guy to catch up and give him his pasalubong from my Singapore trip last November. No photos because he’s Carlo, but here’s a tweet to sum up that night:

February 10 – Meryenda and dinner with Camille

My BF was in Korea in 2015 for her post-grad studies. She’s back in the country now, and of course catching up was our first order of business!

February 12 – Under the Stars with Ilka

Under the Stars is Ateneo’s yearly valentine event but never have I ever gone to one during my entire college stay. Didn’t know I’d finally go to one, 4 years after graduation.

Ilka and I stayed for the college bands and skipped the actual movie (because Hairspray? Really?) to hang out somewhere in Ateneo and just talk ’til midnight. Never mind that I had a 7 am duty the next day – it’s been so long since we went out, just the two of us. I missed this girl.

No actual photos that day because it was too dark and every update went to Snapchat hehe

February 14-15 – Intramuros with Ilka, Ione, Kate and Ate Rizza; Bayleaf sleepover and Manila tour with Ate Rizza

Ate Rizza was in the Philippines this month, for two weeks, and we made sure to schedule a sleepover this time around. What was supposedly just a chill day after Sunday service in Bayleaf Intramuros became a tour around the walled city with Ilka, Ione, and Kate.


After the tour, we watched Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales’ Suddenly It’s Magic and ate dinner at McDonald’s.

Ate Rizza and I stayed for the night  and talked ’til around 2 am the next day – just like old times. We checked out at noon and toured around Manila.


February 22 – Ateneo-UP with Ate Rizza

It was Ate Rizza’s last day in the Philippines – as in she had to catch a flight to Korea later that night – but we made sure to make the most out of her trip. We ate Korean food for lunch, walked around Ateneo, and found a spot at UP Sunken Garden where we can sit, listen to KPop, eat ice cream, and talk until it was time to say goodbye.


February 26 – GlobalPort vs San Miguel @ Araneta with Brer

My first live PBA game (not that I watch PBA on television anyway)! I am obviously not a basketball fan so I was surprised the brother asked me to go with him to a game. Good thing he was super patient explaining everything to me, and putting up with my shallow commentaries on the players’ looks. Guilty, I know! Sorry!


If you’re my friend on Facebook you can see my live video here and my silly attempt to livetweet the game here.

February 27 – Coffee date with Addie

Addie is one of my former students who asked me to be a resource speaker for one of her school projects as a journalism major. We met that day so she could return my USB which I left with their group, but it was also an opportunity to catch up and just update each other with how life has been so far since we both left Amazing Grace School. This girl is mature beyond her years, and I’m excited to see where she’s headed next after college.


February 28 – Afters with churchmates

A desserts run with churchmates after the last Sunday service of the month. You can never go wrong with Afters and their signature Stracciatella


February 29 Eduardo’s with CRC Young Adults

Almost complete for our #LeapDay dinner at Eduardo’s with the CRC Young Adults group. We missed Kuya Fer (and Tin, who’s in the States), but we had Sai with us tonight, and a new face is always, always something to be happier about.

With #TeamBGC at the helm, we talked about why Christian fellowships over food are the best, and our plans to level up as a group now that every team has already hosted one meeting in their turf. Looking forward to what the Lord will do in and through this group this year, that’s for sure!


Thank you, February, and goodbye. Hello March! Be good, okay?


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