was pretty eventful…at least the last hours of my day-off.

In the morning, as usual, I watched a bunch of stuff. I slept also at around 2 pm ’til 4 pm, then got up to prepare for a meeting with La Salle students at Greenbelt. 

I was just there exactly a week ago with Carlo, so I thought we’re meeting again today after my interview with the students.  


He couldn’t go though, so I decided to go home and call it a day. But I dropped by a bookstore first to buy a brand new Moleskine, because my 5-year old one is almost filled up already.

But plans change, life can be spontaneous, and so before my weekend ended, instead of going home, I met Buena for beer and stories. Right after, we walked along Morato in search of a cord for my iPhone charger, and we somehow ended up in Cubao to buy one.

I also talked to Marimel about very important matters. Talking to her is always a joy.

4 months left in 2015, and sure, I can stay holed up at home waiting for life to happen. Or I can decide to make life happen and be there when it matters. 


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