Happy birthday, Katerina

I decided to write a blog for you again as you turn a year older because just the other day you said you miss the lengthier blogs I used to write back when I can still effortlessly whip up something for someone (or sometimes, just for myself).

[Time check: 6:45 pm, July 17]

I’m writing this for you because, more than anyone, you know this blogging business doesn’t come easy to me anymore. But I’m going to try harder because you deserve this more than anyone else in the world (and, well, #buhaymedia, aka I can’t give you expensive gifts for crying out loud).

Excuse the drama, but quite frankly, I don’t know how I could’ve survived my transition years from student to teacher to reporter without you. You were recipient to many of my panic phone calls and texts (and online messages), and you took all those calls and replied to all those messages with a patience that I can always count on.

And boy can I always count on you, late replies notwithstanding. Most of the time, we’re on the same wavelength, but on the rare occasions that we disagree, you gently rebuke me whenever I become that annoying, all-knowing girl who can’t accept she’s wrong.

It’s funny how our dynamic has grown from “comfortable silences” to “can’t stop talking when together.” We still have comfortable silences, like that one day when, in the middle of a coverage at Padre Faura, I just broke down and cried for a good 5 minutes or so. You sat beside me under the heat of the sun, passing me tissues instead of breaking news.

Or that one morning in February, when we reached the summit of Mt Pulag. We sat near the edge of a cliff, eagerly waiting for the sun to rise above the sea of clouds. I remember we were both shivering then because our 5 to 7 layers of clothing couldn’t keep us warm enough while atop Luzon’s highest peak. We talked and talked to distract us from the cold, but when the sun finally peeked, there was silence.


Thank you for always speaking when I need your words of wisdom, and for staying silent when I need your presence. I have only good words for you not just because it’s your birthday, but because really, I don’t have complaints about this friendship.

Three (!!!) years out of college and we have more questions than answers in life. Sometimes, one has the answer for the other, but most of the time we’re both clueless.

I hope you don’t take it against me when I can’t always give you an advice worth heeding. I know I’m getting rusty (there goes my fallback career!) but I’m going to keep trying anyway, because it’s an honor to be trusted with your life, including all the drama (hehe) and the big decisions I get to make for you (*evil laugh*).

We used to be two idealistic girls who can’t wait to graduate from college and change the world through writing. We now know life is not always rainbows and butterflies. We still have a lot of things to figure out, but I’m glad I’m figuring out life with you.

Happy birthday, Katerina! Here’s to more beer nights and more mountains to conquer, literally and figuratively. You know I love you! 🙂

[Time check: 7:45 pm, July 17. One hour. Not bad 🙂 ]

In case you're wondering, this is my jeje ending to this rather cheesy post :P

In case you’re wondering, this is my jeje ending to this rather cheesy post 😛


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