It doesn’t look like it but I’m quite the sentimental kind of girl. With the last planner I religiously kept back in 2012, I didn’t just fill the days with to-dos and events to remember; I often glued the most mundane things on it, like movie tickets or flower petals. I unconsciously maintain a shoebox for every season of my life, and there I hide the most precious memorabilia (there’s a separate one for my fangirling – but that’s another story).

Yesterday, I received a rose from two lovely girls who wanted to make up for not being there for me in 2011, when I got my heart broken by a boy. To their defense, they were just, what, 11 and 14 years old then (and I’m old, yes). It was a random act of love, but it was nice. Made me realize it’s been a long time since I’ve given people gifts or hugs just because. I must go back to doing that often.

(One petal of said rose will be glued lovingly on my 5-year old journal :D)

I hate keeping unnecessary photos/videos on my phones. I don’t have these ground rules written down, but I delete photos when:

  1. I’ve already posted them online – Facebook, Instagram, where-have-you
  2. They’re the same photos I already have, just taken over and over again, sometimes from different angles
  3. They have already served their purpose (notes for work, contacts for work, photos and videos for stories)

When I have time, I go through my albums over and over again to see if I could delete another photo/video/panorama. If a photo/video has stayed in the albums for months or years, it has sentimental value.

Here’s an example:

thumb_IMG_1571_1024This is one of those photos you accidentally take on a smart phone and delete right away.  But this one dates back to early March 2015, and I haven’t deleted it since. I don’t remember everything that happened on the day this photo was taken, but I keep it for a reason.

I keep it because it’s been months since I last saw the driver seated next to me that day (I was in the passenger seat, see), and he is one of my best friends in the whole wide world, and I miss him terribly so. It’s really hard to see him these days, and sometimes I wonder if it’s because we’re both busy, or if it’s just that we’re both not trying anymore.

Please let it be the first scenario.


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