Word Vomit XIII

I’ve been packing my bags a lot this past week.

On Sunday, March 29, I went on a 4-day trip to Batanes for work.

IMG_5352 IMG_5395

(You can look at some photos from that Batanes trip here. I promise to write a more detailed blog later. :P)

I returned to Manila April 1, and spent only a night in our condo. I had to pack again for a 3-day family camp in Silang, Cavite from April 2 to 4.

Saturday desk-ing under the sun in Silang, Cavite

Saturday desk-ing under the sun in Silang, Cavite

Then I spent the weekend and my days off in Laguna because it’s been a while, and it was my first time back in months. Over the weekend I went to my first summer outing with the family at Splash Island, and met my former co-teachers just like the old times.

Tonight, I’m writing this entry from a hotel room in Tarlac, where I’m attending a seminar until Friday. I’m going to spend the entire night writing stories for tomorrow and figured I should get these thoughts out first if I want to be productive.

I don’t know how people who often travel do it – always packing for the next adventure. Going to a new place is always exciting, sure, but wouldn’t it get exhausting too at some point?

I’m not exhausted yet, but if I have to travel again after Friday, I think I’m going to reach my tipping point.

Maybe it’s just the homebody in me speaking.

Disclaimer: No, I’m not bad at counting. You might notice the 12th installment of this series is missing, but it’s actually set to private because those words need not see the light of day 😛


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