A mixtape, please

After writing that previous blog about my first love, I finally decided to watch Once. I’m still watching it actually as of this typing, paused at that scene where the couple is seated by the doorsteps, with the girl listening to a CD compiled by a man she just met days ago.

(Tell me, movie universe, how do strangers meet just like that?!)

When I was nursing a broken heart, I ran to music. I listened to mostly Christian songs, but my search for peace of mind also led me to websites like New Slang and Maybe Very HappyThere, contributors sent in mixtapes, or playlists based on themes. Call it hipster, but that’s how I got by for months. I listened to new songs, songs of artists I’m not familiar with, songs that spoke to me then and there.

Once reminded me how nice it was listening to those mixtapes carefully woven together by strangers, for whichever purpose they may serve.

To me, they were like hugs that brought comfort, or a nod from a friend who, in silence, understands. The world is still kind, I thought back then; it’s still looking after me.

So, a proposition: I’m not big with gifts, but should there come a time that you have to give me a gift (and have is the operative word), please consider making a mixtape for me instead.

*ehem future boyfriend ehem*


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