Drama Diary I

A new series, because sometimes I have too much feelings about my dramas.

You know you’ve been watching too many dramas when you recognize a drama’s director by the technique. I’m bad with Korean celebrity names, moreso directors, but I recognized Que Sera Sera’s director 23 minutes into the first episode.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know the film jargons, so bear with me hehe)

I had to pause and Google the director because the camera movement is so familiar, loosely following the character while walking along hallways.

Photo from dramabeans

First thing that came to mind was My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, and lo and behold, Kim Yoon-cheol did direct the hit Korean drama!

Photo from Dailymotion

As Barney puts it:

GIF from celebuzz.com

Yes, I just started with Que Sera Sera starring Shinhwa’s Eric and the ever lovely Jung Yu Mi. It’s a 2007 drama so I had to think twice before starting with episode 1, especially since javabeans said it’s “not for the casual watcher.”

While I’m up for a more casual watch right now, I really miss Jung Yu Mi a lot and felt like I needed the fix. Hey, if the drama gets too serious for my life, I can always rewatch random episodes of I Need Romance 2012.

It’s too early to judge Que Sera Sera but I can say I’m getting more curious by the minute. I actually paused watching to type this.

Just a quick rundown of other dramas I’m watching, and how much I’m enjoying them:

Kill Me, Heal Me – spongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickspongebobpatrick

Someone Like You – spongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickPatrick Star NadaPatrick Star Nada

Ouroboros – spongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickspongebobpatrickPatrick Star NadaPatrick Star Nada

Come to think of it, I’m watching at least one drama per country (Korea, Taiwan, Japan)! They’re all currently airing too. Not on purpose, promise!

‘Til the next drama diary!


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