Word Vomit IX

I can’t sleep and I only have 4 hours left before my Saturday duty begins. My body clock is messed up again, so I decided to write instead.

This has been bothering me lately. A few weeks back, a guy friend filled me in on what’s been happening in his life, the biggest development of which is having a girlfriend. Of course that’s good news, but what happened next was odd. He asked me if I like anyone right now (typical). When I said no, he kept telling me to consider this guy who he doesn’t even know personally and I had no interest in.

I know he had good intentions, but that’s my problem exactly: Why do people feel the need to match me with someone – anyone – and so desperately at that? Am I not convincing enough when I say, yes, I am very fine on my own, thank you very much?

I don’t have plans on Valentine’s, and that’s okay. I’ve never had plans on Valentine’s every single year since birth, so this year won’t be different nor feel different, trust me. And if you can, please hold off with the brokenhearted/hugot songs and films. I appreciate the suggestions, but I am neither brokenhearted nor a fan of hugot lines.

Believe me, I know how beautiful it is to love and be loved, but I don’t think now’s the time for that. And that should be perfectly fine.


One thought on “Word Vomit IX

  1. Di ka convincing. Hahaha! But I guess he just wants you to be happy, and in light of recent events he thinks matching you up with someone is key to that happiness 😛 Malay mo nga naman diba? 😉

    +100000 to the hugot songs/films!!! After a while all that drama – whether true or made up – gets annoying. Stay off social media this week!

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