The adventurous homebody

Last Saturday, I went on a semi-spontaneous day trip to Taal town in Batangas with my best friends Kai and Mayel. Nearly half of the day was spent in transit since we traveled by public transportation, but except for our ride back home when we couldn’t sit together, not a moment was wasted on silence.

For some reason, stories kept coming as if we haven’t seen each other in ages. My (and probably Mayel’s, too) favorite part of the trip was when we sat for an hour or so in a fancy coffee shop to just talk about life while sipping a good cup of kapeng barako. It’s my favorite because I’m a self-confessed homebody – there’s no doubt about it.

It’s the only explanation why I can marathon an Asian drama series in a day (or less, if it’s really good), or why after more than a year of working in the journalism industry, I still have not used up even one day of vacation leave. I can spend my days off at home and not mind.

But the right people can drag my lazy ass off my bed, away from my laptop, and can bring me to places I’d never go to alone. Taal is one such place. It’s a heritage town off Batangas province – a quiet place that, in paper, fits my personality well…

…except now that I’ve been there, I can say I’d totally be bored if I went there alone. The view from Basilica de San Martin de Tours’s bell tower is breathtaking, no doubt, and the heritage houses bring with them so much history; it is for these very reasons why visiting Taal is 1000x better with friends than on my own.

My day job requires that I use social media a lot (and I mean A LOT), but last Saturday, I decided to fight the urge to update my SM accounts while on the trip for two things: I want a break from technology and fast-paced Metro Manila, and I want to give my full attention to my travel buddies.

As much as I love how technology connects people, I also hate how it has shortened our attention span to the point that looking at our smartphones has now become a staple during dinners, trips, and the likes. I’m all for keeping in touch with people, but when they’re already right in front of me, I’m going to honor the fact that they’re spending their time with me and went all the way to meet me in person when they could’ve just gone somewhere else to talk to someone else.


In principle, this is also why I like being a homebody a lot. There are days I don’t like people, and days I don’t think I can give people my full attention. On those days, I’d rather be alone because it’s all or nothing for me: either I give you my entire time, or I don’t. It sounds extreme because it is – it won’t be good for people if they only get half of my attention.


Next week I’m planning to go on a solo trip to Baguio. I have yet to sit down and actually plan the whole thing (and I think I’d need a lot of help from friends), but I’m excited for this because I’m going to celebrate being a homebody while finding my own adventure.

Is that even possible? Wait ’til I write about it!

(While you’re at it, wish me luck as I inform convince my parents this is a trip I need to go to. My fingers are crossed!)


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