On Mondays, I will write

I’ve said it many times but never followed through – that I’ll be back here with more senseless ramblings because doing so used to keep me sane. But I’m really a bad blogger (no wonder I have no readers haha) because it’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote.

Still, I don’t think it’s time to let go of this space just yet. Not yet. I still have many things to write about and share, and life is really, really great, and not talking (or writing) about it would not be true to who I am.

So on Mondays, I will write. Most people hate Mondays, but not me. I love Mondays because I start my “work week” unwinding and preparing for the battle ahead. I spend a lot of Mondays alone, too, which I really appreciate because I’m such a homebody/loner. What’s a more perfect time to write than when you’re alone, right?

Today is also the first Monday of August. We’re already more than halfway through 2014 and just 4 months away from Christmas. My, how time flies. I still have a lot of things I want to accomplish for 2014, and maybe documenting any semblance of progress – whether in my spiritual walk with the Lord, or my bid to get thinner and fitter – can help me make the most of what’s left of the year.

I hope this plan to write on Mondays works out for me. Instead of counting down (and dreading) the last few hours of my day-off, I’d rather write about the promise of a new week, and the blessing of being in a job I love and truly care about.

For starters, I’m going running later at 3 pm and cooking dinner for my brother when I get back (just putting it out there so I don’t back out). I’m meeting Jom also later tonight for some catching up, since it’s been months since we last saw each other.

I’m really excited about this week/month. I signed up for an online journalism course which I hope will help me a lot in my work. I also FINALLY, FINALLY filed that long-overdue vacation leave, so I’m in the process of planning my week-long sabbatical. I’m thinking Baguio or Tagaytay. Baguio in this weather sounds more tempting, though, if only because Tagaytay is too familiar to me now. I want to go somewhere new and somewhere far.

Now I’m off to watch one more Corner with Love episode before I run. Bye ❤


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