The great outdoors

I’ve been into school dramas lately, and my latest crack is – suprise, surprise – a Taiwanese drama! The title is In a Good Way and it was a huge leap for me to start watching it, since I’m not familiar with the actors.

I’m now 6 episodes in and I love love love it. I miss the university life. Not the studying part (hehe) but everything in between: first friends, first love, the freedom I never had in high school, and the impromptu adventures. It was a world I would revisit again in a heartbeat, if I could.

Anyway, there’s a point to all these ramblings: I started jogging again, and while going around UP, some thoughts came to me.



Don’t get me wrong, I love my blockmates, but I wish I mustered enough courage to know more people. I wish I spent more time discovering talents I never knew I had, instead of playing it safe. I wish I fell in love with the whole idea of college. I wish I realized earlier on it’s not going to last forever.

Someone should write about how college is not the place to discover who you should be, but a place to know more of who you really are.

Oh, wait. That’s what In A Good Way is doing. *goes back to watching*


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