A year of courage


I did not get to write about my first anniversary at Rappler last week since I’ve been 1. sick, on and off, and; 2. extremely busy. With a little downtime today after my Saturday shift, I decided to write again here because, hey, that’s what this blog is for after all.

(I should totally go back to blogging again. I miss writing for the heck of it.)

A year of Rappler meant a year of courage for me. I had to push myself to be nothing like the weak girl that I was at first – afraid of committing mistakes, quick to compare herself to others. The list goes on.


When it comes to experience, I know a year is nothing to be excited about. But just lasting this long and actually figuring some things out is, I think, worth tapping myself on the shoulder for. I braved on, and here I am. I’m lightyears away from knowing everything, but that’s what I love about this journey. There just seems to be no end to learning.

Entering this second year means I will have to give more of myself to the craft – push again, if I must. It’s by Grace I have gone this far, and only by Grace I can keep going. If I want to surprise people, I must surprise myself first.

But what I’m most happy about is that the storytelling never stops 🙂


I covered a health forum in Intramuros one year since I started at Rappler



My favorite sunset view in the Metro 🙂


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