After everything, thank you 2013

While relishing how time ticked slowly at Real, Quezon last December 30, I picked up my journal again. I already had an idea for my yearender; for a change, it would be about my top 5 rock bottom moments of 2013.

Listing down the first two was easy: The One With the Parent, and The One With the Careless Mistake. But at number 3, my mind went blank.

And then I realized:  2013 was not so bad after all. 🙂

The past year was, for the most part, the year I could no longer shrug off or hide under the rug the effects of a failed relationship. It broke me in more ways than one, turning me into a walking pessimist I never imagined I had in me.

But at the same time, I learned to choose joy every single day, and for days when I find it especially hard to believe in happiness, I got by with a lot of help from friends.

It was also a year of journalism miracles — the biggest of which, of course, is joining Rappler. Here, I was tried and tested beyond my limits and comfort zones; hopefully, I’m a whole lot stronger now.

Since I can’t complete my rock bottom list anyway, here are some defining moments of my 2013, listed by month:

JANUARY: Pavilion date + timer shots with the Aldabas, CRC Anniversary

Photo from the Aldabas

Photo from the Aldabas

Photo from the Aldabas

Photo by Tim Rivera


MARCH: Selle’s debut, The One With the Parent, Goodbye, AGS

Photo from Lois Maglalang

APRIL: Funemployment, almost employment

MAY: Keeping it hipster, Rappler 🙂

Photo by Kai Francisco

JUNE: Education beat, Culion trip

JULY: Seeing Lee Min Ho, The One With the Careless Mistake



AUGUST: The first of many roadtrips with Topher and Jom

SEPTEMBER: Breaking point, trying harder

OCTOBER: First family treat, first standupper

NOVEMBER: Date with BF, Covering Haiyan from Manila

DECEMBER: #December2014, my first Rappler teambuilding + Christmas party, “Paskuhan” with Kate and BF, IJ group reunites, Quezon trip with the family


Photo by Kai Francisco

Photo by Kai Francisco

Photo from Kai Francisco



In general, I only have 3 hopes for 2014:

1. A year of going back and drawing close to my First Love
2. A year of health and fitness
3. A year of excellence and doing more

And because 2013 spared me, it is with a grateful heart that I bid it goodbye 🙂


photo (4)


5 thoughts on “After everything, thank you 2013

  1. Nagmamaganda talaga? Hahaha! You look so beautiful, bf! 🙂 BF na maganda oha! 🙂 Proud of your achievements for 2013! Thanks for being there for me rin no matter how rare tayo magkita. I love you!

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