Challenge: A hundred-peso foodtrip

After a coverage last Friday, I was waiting out the rush hour at Araneta Center-Cubao when pretty Christmas lights near Gateway mall caught my attention. Since I had time to spare and it was a rare occasion that I brought my camera along, I thought, why not walk around and take pictures just because?

To my delight, when I came in closer to see the lights, I found out it was located near a food bazaar!

So, here are a few non-food things I took a picture of. Didn’t take too much photos of random people because it was the kind of place I wish I went to with someone else, but that night I was alone (as in most nights).



So hipster, I know. Pang-Tumblr haha

IMG_3495 IMG_3500

The ironic thing about the above photos is that the coverage I went to earlier that day was about the Department of Health discouraging the use of fireworks this holiday season 😛 (For more info — maka-plug lang — read: DOH: Scrap fireworks, donate to disaster survivors)

Now for the food photos! I imposed a challenge on myself that night to spend only P100 for dinner since earlier that day I already spent more than my daily allowance on food alone (I know, I do that a lot, #sorrynotsorry). It was tough being surrounded with all that affordable yummy food, so please don’t judge my choices! (In my defense, I’m NEVER good at shopping, as in, whatever shopping.)

IMG_3505 IMG_3504 IMG_3503

I walked about 3 times around the place first before finally buying something:



They promised a spicy shawarma, but it did not deliver. I think it was overpriced, plus all the cheese spilled at the bottom 😦


This isaw is bigger than it looks in this photo, but in retrospect I think P20 is still too expensive for my beloved street food

Overall I think I made bad choices with my food that night, especially since I know I could do so much more with a hundred bucks. Try harder next time I guess? Or better yet, bring a friend along and get free food! I love the second idea already hihi.

To be honest, I’m not yet feeling Christmas (10 days left! Can you believe it?). I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, though, because what kind of a first world problem is that anyway? With so much that has happened this year, I’m just glad to have lasted for yet another Christmas.

By the way, this entry is an attempt to slowly go back to regular blogging again, a warming up of sorts for my yearender(s). There’s so much to talk about the year that was 2013, I don’t even know where or how to start. But rest assured, I will write about it not so I can make it up to this barren space in the world wide web, but because by doing so I can save myself and consciously make 2014 awesome 🙂


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