Only a few good people will tell you this because only a few good people will care. Or, like me, you might realize it yourself without anyone’s unsolicited advice. But the terrifying yet freeing thing about life is that it will only really be as good as you initiate it to be.

Initiate firsts. On Friday last week, I shot my first standupper. It’s my third voiceover since I started in Rappler, but it was the first time I did all the shooting by myself. My body ached all over the following day, but seeing the end-product on Tuesday night made every pain worth it.


Initiate friendships. Had I not texted Camille on Monday, the long, 5-month streak of not seeing her would have continued. Never mind that I absolutely hated the movie we watched — our conversation over coffee was everything I needed that day, and one of the most honest talks I’ve had recently. In true Joy-Camille fashion, we talked (more like, giggled? haha) over love, life, and everything in between.

Initiate happiness. I could have been the killjoy who ditched my first opportunity to dress up for Halloween, but I didn’t because I genuinely love my workplace and the people in it. So after much prodding by Pia, I finally looked through my fairly ordinary closet and improvised a get-up. Luckily, it worked and people recognized me.


I’m still studying whether dates should be initiated too (hihi) but one thing’s for sure (and maybe this is the pessimist in me speaking): People will not push you to do things everyday. Most of the time, to make beautiful things happen, you have to decide for it, and not always for life-changing, world-shaking reasons. Even the simplest joys can be enough reason. 🙂


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