Indulge this fangirl

So my co-worker and friend Des apparently listens to Rainie Yang! Of the small social circle I have, I only know very few (2 people) who actually listen and enjoy Rainie Yang’s songs (technically, Mayel doesn’t even listen to her. She only liked Rainie when she was paired with Ken Zhu CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MADNESS?!)

Des let me borrow Rainie Yang’s latest album (her 8th album!!!), Angel Wings. I’ve listened to every single song already and I don’t know if I just miss her in my small screen (aka in Taiwanese dramas) too much but no song has stood out for me yet. Guess I would have to keep listening ’til it grows on me then. 🙂

Someday, I’m going to have enough money to buy all of her CDs (if they’re still for sale, that is), listen and sing along to them (must start brushing up my non-existent mandarin skills), and keep hoping I will one day see her in person, during concert or not.

For now, here are photos of the album I took just because it’s not mine and I’m giving it back soon 😦


What a gorgeous woman. And she’s 29! Can you believe it? Accck #lifepeg

IMG_3008 IMG_3009

This is my favorite photo from the photo album that goes with the CD. She lost so much weight! Ok brb will plan tomorrow’s run to get to this~


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