Monstar: A list of favorite covers

All photos from the internet.

All photos from the internet.


It breaks my heart whenever I think of how short Monstar is (12 episodes) considering how the drama had me hook, line and sinker by the first episode alone. I’ll put off writing about it first since we still have four more episodes left (ugh), but because I cannot not write something–anything–about it, here’s at least a glimpse of the KPop-rocking world of Monstar.

Fast fact #1: I marathoned all 8 episodes in just three days. Every episode runs around an hour and a half.  How do I love thee, Monstar? ❤

Fast fact #2: I am totally in love with the second guy lead, mostly because he reminds me of my first Korean bias, Kim Hyun Joong. Gong Yoo has my heart completely right now–but that merits another blog entry. If you want a short explanation though, you may read here.



Favorite covers, from most favorite to least favorite:

Top 1: The Wind Blows (Episode 1 ending scene)

Top 2: Atlantis Princess (Episode 3–truth be told that what I like most about this scene was when Sun Woo was still singing with young Se Yi. There’s something about the girl’s young voice that blends well with Sun Woo’s)

Top 3: In Seol Cha’s words: “Lyrics, composition, unknown song. The title of this song is called “No Name Song”. I’m not sure if it’s a cover, though. (Episode 3, skip to 03:00)


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