30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Do you download or watch them at a stream site?

I rarely download because other people do it for me :)) I have a lot of Asian dramas in my Tong Jia Di (my external hard drive, btw haha) but most of them I got from my good friend Marlo. Where she got them is another question I don’t have to answer anymore. 😛

But mostly, I stream. Most of the dramas I’ve watched were streamed online. My earliest streaming site was the ancient Mysoju.com where I watched Boys Over Flowers whenever I had free time to spare in our college library (hihi). From there, and when that site slowed down BIG TIME, I moved on to Dramacrazy.net and Viki.com. 

Now my go-to site for anything Asian drama is Gooddrama.net. I think EVERYTHING I want to watch is in there (almost).

The pros of a streaming site is that you get to watch the episode (if you’re following a currently airing drama) as soon as subbers, well, sub them for posting. And them subbers are FAST I tell you. Back in Viki, I would see subbed episodes on the very same day it was aired in the homeland. Talk about dedication!

The cons of streaming site depends on your internet connection. If you have SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW internet connection, good luck :)) But if you have speedy internet, then congratulations! The world of Asian dramas is yours for taking! 😀


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