Smiles and Promises LXXXVII

I’m such a bad blogger because I could already go two, three weeks without updating this blog. But I have to be honest, too, that keeping up with this series is already wearing me down. I don’t like it anymore that I’m “required” to write something about my week, as if not blogging about it makes it less memorable–every week is memorable in its own way. I don’t need to force myself to write about my life because sometimes keeping it in my memory is good too.

Alas, as I end this series (I thought I had the patience to stretch it to 100, or 104 to make it two years haha), I leave you with photographs of my first out-of-town trip for work. This trip will always be memorable to me because I came face to face with an issue that I care about. After meeting Tatay Dionisio, Jenevieve, and other residents of Culion, I realized I can’t take this lightly. If I care enough, I should treat their stories with utmost care. I no longer write for my own. Ultimately, putting their stories out there comes with a responsibility–to at least make a ripple, if not a big tidal wave. Baby steps. Hopefully, I get there.


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