Word Vomit VII

My last word vomit post was back in November of 2012, so I felt like tonight is a perfect time to resurrect this series because (1) I haven’t been posting anything substantial in this blog since I got hired and (2) I want to write just for the heck of it. Actually, I’ve been meaning to write something while I was at work earlier today but I ended up just catching up on some WordPress blog entries I’ve missed reading.

First, let me talk about my workplace. It’s a comparatively small space considering the big ideas that get churned out from there–great minds, passionate people, talented and inspiring mix of veteran and amateur (but full of potential) journalists. It’s great to be alive and it’s great to be part of such a great team. All I am is grateful 🙂

Now let me talk about my previous workplace. I miss my previous co-workers, I miss my students, and I miss teaching. No kidding. A part of me will always love teaching, and maybe in the future I’ll be back to it. By now, the teachers have already received their loads and working on their instructional designs, bonding with each other in after-work galas. There’s so much to miss, but I regret nothing. 🙂

Last Saturday, I met my college blockmates again for dinner after a long time, thanks to Zarah’s birthday dinner. Now that’s a crowd that has barely changed even after a year. They’re still the barkada I knew from back in college–the best circle of friends I could ever have. Truthfully speaking, I don’t think I would’ve survived the dominant Ateneo culture if it weren’t for this crazy bunch. Again, I regret nothing. Yes, not even ~that which shall not be mentioned anymore~ hehe

I have really long commutes when I go to work, but here’s a Twitter-WordPress note I want to remember: MRT lines are not long in Shaw and Ortigas when it’s 8 PM. Just because I’m mastering the art of my  new work route.

Also, I’m going to my first out-of-town work trip this weekend! For five days! How do I love this job? Oh boy, I don’t even want to count the ways yet because the list just keeps getting longer and longer every single day. :D:D


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