Smiles and Promises LXXXII

Yesterday, I got lost in Makati with Kai and Jose just to pose in hipster/jeje/normal shots with them, with a graffiti wall behind us.  I realized that when it’s the three of us, there is a need to go to these artsy places earlier than usual because even if we dress to impress, we cannot, for the life of us, act hipster-y.

Our jeje selves still struggle to break loose. :))

(All photos by the photographer who’s getting better and better, Katerina Francisco!)

321478_10201159022396969_787051640_n 417898_10201159019676901_924013155_n 942602_10201159017396844_1301387081_n 263149_10201159016276816_414384245_n 482487_10201159015996809_1574599770_n 946360_10201159014716777_254973160_n 405784_10201159013036735_1474219702_n 417926_10201159008316617_1380476481_n 946897_10201159007476596_1984277252_n

New goals for May!

May Goals: Week 1

  1. Read and finish three books. – I’m just one book short in crossing this out, and I’m on it! (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian)
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. – Thrice.
  3. Journal at least four times a week.
  4. Run daily. 
  5. Stick to diet. – Four times.
  6. Take Flickr-worthy photos. – Took photos of my brother’s graduation!
  7. Learn driving. – I drove a short distance while we were on our way to youth camp.
  8. Review journalism handouts.
  9. Read news daily. 
  10. Finalize who to  vote for.
  11. Get employed.
  12. Review Mandarin. 

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