Smiles and Promises LXXXI

I know there’s something wrong with my sharing that I’m not prayerful. That is how unfaithful I am, and my heart breaks whenever I realize it. But the Lord is just so good that I know even setting those words to bold is not enough emphasis.

Before 2013 began, I was already certain that I won’t be extending my teaching contract anymore. The plan was to enter the journalism world asap, but during our family camp, I got confused by an e-mail from Teach for the Philippines. 

The entire January was spent praying for TFTP. I received my answer halfway through the month, so I was back to my original plan.

I started sending out e-mail applications, and I was just excited about all the possibilities. If things were to go my way, I would end up in the company I’ve been meaning to work for even before I graduated. So when I saw one tweet from said company about a job opening, I grabbed it there and then. To my surprise, I got replied to and scheduled a Skype interview with in just less than 24 hours!

Only, the interview did not push through.

Over the months following that day, I kept following up my dream company. I was told being makulit showed that I really wanted the job, so persist I did. But the replies never came.

Afterwards, I started the e-mail frenzy. Screw the dream company; I wanted to be employed after March! So every night, I’d always look at my e-mail. I kept looking at available writing jobs online.

My first job ended, and my second funemployment stage began. I told myself the goal is to get a job before April ends. For the first two weeks of April, I kept sending e-mails while processing documents for my next employment. I was productive–I got a student’s license and learned driving, I processed my papers, and of course, I read books and watched dramas. After two weeks, I knew it was already time to actively look for work.

I moved back to the condo on the third week of April, but I was holed there for the entire week. My initial plan was to walk along Ortigas/Makati to look for openings, but my mom said that was not practical. So I stayed in and still sent e-mail applications, but this time, I received replies. Both had nothing to do with the journalism I really wanted to do even before I entered college, but both had to do with writing. And besides, my self-imposed deadline was already nearing, so I just took my chances on both. That same week, I was also to meet someone who could help me with my employment, but it got moved to the week after.

So, about last week:

Monday – stayed home
Tuesday –  went to an interview with a starting company; received a job offer from one of the companies that replied to me the previous week
Wednesday – worked on the requirements for the job offer; kept praying the media forum I was assigned to cover the next day would get cancelled so I can keep working on said requirements
Thursday – the media forum did not get cancelled; I covered a media forum; met interesting people and talked about interesting issues; sent resumes to newspaper companies; got hired.

(I’m sorry I started with such a long intro only to end with two words in bold face. There is such a looooooooooong story about my Thursday last week, but it’s very special to my heart that I’ve decided only to share it to people who matter :D)

But here, I can give you at least a clue:

MST-April 27 2013

It breaks my heart that I have to change my byline from Jee Y. Geronimo to Joy Y. Geronimo. There goes my college nickname 😦

Also, what I looked like that Thursday. There was something about my get-up that day that made me feel confident and happy. I don’t know:


A summary of the past week, in a quote from our senior pastor:

The Lord does not provide our needs so that we can be satisfied. He provides until He is satisfied.

And another quote I read from Oswald Chambers this morning:

Certainty is the mark of the commonsense life–gracious uncertainty is the mark of the spiritual life.

Still not certain, but still trusting ❤


  1. Read and finish TWO books. 
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. – Once.
  3. Journal at least four times a week.
  4. Run DAILY. – Once.
  5. Stick to diet. – Once. AT LEAST.
  6. Take Flickr-worthy photos.
  7. Look for work. HEHEHE :>
  8. Apply for a student’s driver’s license. 
  9. Learn driving.
  10. Write an article.
  11. Renew passport.
  12. Review journalism handouts.
  13. Finalize who to vote for.

It’s the last day of April as I write this, so might as well summarize this month’s goals. Out of the 13 goals, I was able to accomplish the following:

  1. Read and finish TWO books. 
  2. Look for work.
  3. Apply for a student’s driver’s license. 
  4. Learn driving. (I’ve progressed a lot, but I admit I’m still far from getting that non-pro)
  5. Write an article.
  6. Renew passport.

Half. NOT BAD. 🙂

Hello, May. I’m excited for what you have in store for me 🙂


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