Smiles and Promises LXXIX

Attended the Rappler Senatorial Debates last Saturday at the Quezon Memorial Circle with my nephew, Kenneth. It was thrilling, being in the middle of all that discourse among the candidates, Rappler, and the voters, even if I was just an audience myself.

That night made me realize (or reminded me?) how much I want to be part of something bigger than myself.

I’ll get there. I just know it 🙂


Thank you 🙂

IMG_1287 IMG_1336 IMG_1317 IMG_1298 IMG_1263 IMG_1272 IMG_1270 IMG_1257 IMG_1256 IMG_1265 IMG_1324


  1. Read and finish TWO books. – Whereas I didn’t like The Fault in Our Stars that much, I LOVED Paper Towns from the same author! The writing’s the same, and I could really use a little dampening on the metaphors, but I was able to relate more to this story than The Fault. That’s 2/2 books for April, yo!
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. – Twice :\
  3. Journal at least four times a week. – Twice :\
  4. Run DAILY. – Once! At least, after almost a month, I think, of not running! 🙂
  5. Stick to diet. –5/7 days!
  6. Take Flickr-worthy photos. – 🙂
  7. Look for work. – Twice this week.
  8. Apply for a student’s driver’s license. – DONE! :)
  9. Learn driving. – Once this week.
  10. Write an article. – I wrote one for our church’s e-zine. Excited for this project! 🙂
  11. Renew passport. – My previous passport expired without even a single stamp from another country. I don’t regret that, but I do want to travel somewhere within the next five years. Excited where I’ll be heading to in the future! 🙂
  12. Review journalism handouts.
  13. Finalize who to vote for. – Attended the Rappler Senatorial Debates 🙂

Not much red items in this post! Progress! 🙂


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