[LATE POST] Smiles and Promises LXXV


Taken during a family reunion two weeks ago. This is my godson, Matt-Matt (left) and his brother Chester (right). I’ve been asking my brother to send this picture to me for weeks because he took home the camera to leisurely take some photos himself. Thus explains the delay of this post.

And then I was surprised to see he took only FIVE photos after two weeks #lawschoolproblems

In general, March was a very hectic month at my previous workplace (that I can say this now just makes me sad huhu), so I did not get to work on my goals as much.


  1. Read and finish TWO books. – I continued reading Beverly LaHaye’s The Spirit-controlled Woman. I have no qualms about self-help books, actually, but this one’s just draggggggggging. The writing is really repetitive and dry. 😦
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. – I spent three intimate, quiet nights with the Lord this week. Not the best, but I’m getting there.
  3. Journal at least four times a week. – I wrote thrice this week, just one day short of my goal.
  4. Run at least four times a week. – I ran twice this week! Two days short, but still: Huzzah!
  5. Take Flickr-worthy photos. If there’s a goal I’ve been very faithful to this month, it’s this. Thank you, photographer friends, for inspiring me to do better 🙂
  6. Look for work. – I inquired for work twice this week.



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