Smiles and Promises LXIX

While last Sunday’s a beginning of this week, I’m still counting it as last week’s highlight because I want to, and this is my blog, and there’s nothing you can do about it 😛

My brother came home here in Laguna last Saturday night because, according to him: “ayokong gumising ng mag-isa” (in reference to the condo). We had guests over, but that made the night even livelier! We, as well as our friend Diego, sang to parodies of One Direction (this, plus the songs in our upcoming pre-pageant, are the culprits of my current LSS: Live While We’re Young), reminisced over the ridiculously fun songs of the recently-reunited F4, and ate ice cream without a care in the world (of calories).

So we went to church the next day, and birthday boy led the congregation to worship. My brother, if I may so proudly share, is a true worshiper. I remember my old Bible where he wrote to me saying that being in the presence of the Lord doesn’t entail extreme emotions like crying. You see, I used to do that, cry every time I worship. I still cry now and then, but I realize that true worship–like that of my brother’s–is just really about enjoying and immersing myself in the presence of the Lord. Just being there where He is, listening to what He says, and letting Him love you like crazy. Whenever my brother leads worship, I just see how loved he is, and how crazy he is about that love. ❤

I convinced Kuya BJ (if you still don’t know his name hahaha) to stay one more night in Laguna just because I really do miss him. So he did (much to my delight!)! My tito treated our family to McDo that afternoon, and then Kuya and I went cheap earphones shopping. When we got home, he convinced me to skip my usual Koreanovela marathon to watch Pitch Perfect with him instead. Of course, I had to indulge him, so we did (read: I don’t like it. Not even a bit. Sorry, Pitch Perfect fans 😦 ).

While in the middle of the watch, my dad called me, and this happened:

Papa: *hands camera* Kuhanan mo si Kuya mo ng picture habang binibigay ko ‘to.

Me: *looks at gift* Wowww! Hahahaha

Then, these photos happened:

IMG_0415 IMG_0416 IMG_0417

Look at that smile! 😀 (PS: that was the same gift I got from Papa on my birthday! What’s not to love about him! BEST.DAD.EVER)

Last Tuesday, Kuya came home again to celebrate his birthday, this time with Mama around. We ate at Rack’s, and Kuya and I watched How I Met Your Mother after.

My favorite parts of all these celebrations were the nights I got to sleep beside him again. Imagine, ‘di ko na kailangan ng unan. :))

Happy birthday, Brer. I LOVE YOU <3<3<3


  1. Read and finish one book. – I picked up The Best of A.W. Tozer again!
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. – All days except Sunday and Saturday.
  3. Write one article. – No :(
  4. Journal at least four times a week. – I wrote in my journal thrice this week, too! Just one day short, I know :s
  5. Run at least four times a week. – I did not run the entire week, but to my defense, it’s because I got sick :p
  6. Sleep early (9 PM)– I slept early once!

AAAAND my January goals, in retrospect:

  1. Read and finish one book. I finished TWO books this month, so I’m crossing that off. Yey, one down!
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. This is obviously something I was not able to accomplish this month, but the average number of days I read the Bible this week is 4. At least I’m getting better than my last year’s “record”.
  3. Write one article. I don’t know if I had no time, or if I did not have any idea for an article this month. Maybe this February I’ll be able to do this 🙂
  4. Journal at least four times a week. My average is 3 days/week, so this one’s a failed goal too. But I can always do better 🙂
  5. Run at least four times a week. Average: once per week. Gotta get it together if I want to go down to 57 kg again!!!
  6. Sleep early (9 PM).  Average: Not even a day =))

Even if I only got to finish one of my goals, I’m happy nonetheless that I was able to work on these goals (except the article) and try my best to achieve them. This February, I added 6 (!!!) more goals to this original one, so let’s faith all these and make 2013 great 😀


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