Smiles and Promises LXV


Whenever I go to Manila during the weekends, I make sure I meet up with some college friends, because it’s the only time I can do so, what with my schedule and all. But when my brother subtly wanted to bond over expensive coffee, I immediately dropped my 50/50 plans with some blockmates so we can hang out.

He’s also one of my favorite people to talk to when it comes to faith.  That Saturday night I think we slept at around 11:30 PM or later just talking about a lot of things, from matters of the heart to Christianity. Call it girly, but that’s how my brother and I roll 😛 Besides, it’s been too long since I had late-night conversations, and for Quality Time persons like my brother and I, nights like that are always appreciated.

Just for the record, I want to talk about how blessed I was last Sunday, CRC’s first Sunday service of the year. Ilka led the congregation to worship, and I was just so awestruck by how awesome my God is! He really moved my heart that time. It made me realize that I love my church family so much, and they’re all part of the reason why I am who I am today. The preaching confirmed this. Through the story of the giving of Barnabas, Ananias and Sapphira, the Lord reminded me of not setting my eyes nor putting my hope on material things, but channeling all these God-given resources to love on other people. Great service to start my year, really!

Just one week in, and I already feel like 2013 would be a different, wonderful year for me. I just feel it, you know? 🙂

I’m also gonna use my weekly Smiles and Promises posts to update you guys about my monthly goals. This way, you can keep me accountable. If you think I’m being mediocre again, just give me an online nudge (a comment, an e-mail, whatever!) and I’ll get my act together again.


  1. Read and finish one book. – I’m on page 98/222 of Joshua Harris’ Boy Meets Girl! Halfway there (ish)!
  2. Read the Bible and pray daily. – Except for Saturday night, when my brother and I had that late-night conversation, I’ve been reading the Bible and praying since January 1. My morning devotion aid is Oswald Chambers’ famous devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, while my evening devotion is this 52 Week Bible Reading Plan I got off the net. 2013, I pray, is the year I finally finish reading the whole Bible!
  3. Write one article. – I have yet to think of a topic and actually pitch that story to my prof.
  4. Journal at least four times a week. – I’ve been journaling everyday since January 1, again, except last Saturday night 🙂 Sometimes I write my thoughts in the journal Ate Rizza gave me two years ago, but when I’m away, I write them down in the (only) Moleskine I own, which I got from a Secret Santa, also back in 2010.
  5. Run at least four times a week. I did not run last week 😦 Good news though! I just bought a new pair of running shoes, and my dad’ll accompany me in running tomorrow morning! I need motivation, discipline, and a running buddy! Excited for getting in shape in time for summer, hopefully 😛

That’s it! ‘Til next week’s Smiles and Promises! 🙂



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