Smiles and Promises LXIII

I’ve always believed that for a woman, I’m fairly easy to please. I can use the same set of make-up ’til I finish all of it, down to the very last drop/smear/what-have-you, and only then would I have the compulsion to buy a new set. You could bring me to any restaurant/fast-food chain/food stall and I’d surely find something to eat. I could get notebooks as birthday/Christmas gifts over and over again, and I wouldn’t mind at all.

Or, you could just bring me to UP, Ateneo (or both) and you could instantly make me one very, very happy girl 🙂

That’s what my brother, nephew and friend Kai did last Saturday. UP will always be one of my favorite places in the Metro because of my college bestfriends Pia and Elcee (Remember my theory about places and their significance in relation to the people you’ve been with in them?).

So before meeting Kai yesterday, Ken, Kuya and I passed time looking at tiangges and eating at Mang Larry’s in UP. It was just a sidetrip, but it’s a trip I like going to anyway.

IMG_9428IMG_9431 IMG_9416 IMG_9447

But my ultimate, ultimate home-away-from home would have to be Ateneo, hands down. Both Kai and I are head-over-heels for our university, so we decided to meet up one last time before the year ends, just because we’re clingy like that, and because we cannot not stroll around Ateneo at night, with all its pretty lights and the Christmas decorations sprawled all over the campus.

IMG_9462 IMG_9472 IMG_9477 IMG_9480 IMG_9491 IMG_9497 IMG_9494 IMG_9510 IMG_9526

Sometimes you really don’t have to travel that far to be happy. After all–just like my theory–it’s really more about the people 🙂

One of my 2013 “resolutions” is to journal more, and after my long walk and talk with Kai last Saturday, I’m really eager to make that happen this coming new year. I won’t be like Rachel of FRIENDS, who only wrote a single entry in her diary. This time, I’ll make sure to journal more often, and make 2013 an honestly happy year. Don’t get me wrong, though. 2012 has been very, very good to me. Which is why I feel 2013 could only be so much better 🙂

As the year ends, everyday seems to becoming shorter and shorter , so I can’t promise a regular update after tonight ’til my year-end “review”. I’ll be pretty busy this break too, what with all the workload I have yet to finish, plus getting my writing groove back (professional or nonprofessional).

For the first time, I’m also gonna be working on two lists: My 2012 Achievements and My 2013 Faith Goals (as inspired by my co-worker, Sir Marlon). I’m excited about making these lists, and they’re very personal, so I’m not sure I’ll be sharing it here. One thing’s for sure though: I have a lot to write about 2012.

It has been one great ride, 2012. I can’t wait for the last hoorahs :>


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