Smiles and Promises LXI

What kept me extremely busy the past week was the preparations for the Speech practical test of the juniors, an interactive play of the famous Edgar Allan Poe poem, Annabel Lee.

When Saturday finally came, the week-long hassle was well worth it as I saw how well-made all their plays were! I’ll post them all here once I get to upload them to YouTube, but for now, here are some photos from the event!

By Dan Quidip

By Dan Quidip

Annabel Lee interactive plays, live at the PSY Hall

First VIP ticket, yo





Ohai yes that’s me

With Sir Marlon, who helped tremendously with this project

If you can’t imagine the booths, then here’s one. Students enter a particular booth, and when the class has an audience they start performing

Some students in character

Revelation, enjoying Philippians’ performance

Peter eagerly watches as Colossians perform for them

This is one of the many things I will remember about my first job here at AGS. In giving these kids different platforms and avenues for their own creativity to flourish, I find myself learning a lot and being creative as well! Here’s to new experiences and new things while learning and growing in the process!


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