Word Vomit V

I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower last Sunday and gave it a 3-star rating over at Goodreads. It really was going for the The Catcher in the Rye feel, which may be considered a downside for me because I really did not like that. However, I love how the coming-of-age theme was well-written and executed, and almost all characters were well-developed, so for that I ranked it so much better than The Catcher. Now I want to see the movie, just for comparison’s sake. I wonder how the director interpreted the book.

Speaking of books, I’m now reading my next one, which is One Day. I absolutely adored the movie–and not only because I have a huge girl crush on Anne Hathaway–so when I started reading the book, I was really excited. They say the book is almost always so much better than the movie, and that is true for One Day. I’m happy to report that I’m enjoying the book, I can hardly keep myself from finishing it in one seating, and it’s to my delight that the movie actually stayed true to the book.

I was gonna start watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal (yes, again) but the internet’s slow and annoying. To One Day, it is!


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