Word Vomit IV

So I guess this is turning out to be an every-other-day thing, yeah?

Good vibes all day today! And if you’ve been following my recent blogs, you’d be surprised with that, because today was the day I’ve been worrying about for a month already: it was card-giving day today!

I guess I also woke up at the right side of the bed because I was not really bummed over today being, well, today. I went to school on time, practiced for the praise and worship, and was generally in a very good mood.

When the program began, I just surrendered everything to the Lord. I played the piano for the worship, and here’s one song I still can’t get out of my head up to this moment. I’m planning to sing this the next time I lead worship at church!

It’s my feel-good Tagalog song, much like how I feel whenever I sing Today is the Day!

Right after, they played the short film I worked on for this entire week. I hope I was able to communicate the message well. A shout out, by the way, to my best friend Topher for helping me conceptualize this one. I know you estimated a two-minute film, but I don’t know how it stretched to seven. Hope it still works for you though, since, you know, your opinions always matter to me especially when it comes to films :))

Here, take a look! Leave comments here or on the youtube video itself while you’re at it!

The school gave a seminar on bullying after, with special guest Atty. Aldwin Salumbides. While he was speaking, everything that happened to me back in Grade 6 just flashed back real quickly. I wonder if anything would change in my life had this seminar been given 9 years ago.

Card-giving began after the seminar, and like last quarter, I was alone in the room I was assigned to. Fewer parents came today, but thankfully, all of them were patient enough while I explained why their kids’ grades went down in my subject. And I praise God for His goodness because all of them understood! I worried over nothing for a month! Makes me wonder why, all these years of faithfulness in my life, I still doubt what He can do if I only ask!

I read The Perks of a Wallflower while waiting for parents todayI wonder if there really is a Charlie in the world. Someone who wants to actively participate with the world. Someone (who is not a girl, mind you!) who writes in a pseudo-diary (of course those are letters, but come on! He writes them as if it’s a diary okay). Because if there is, it would be very interesting to be friends with someone like that.

I almost hanged out with my other best friend, Paul, today, but he backed out last minute. Too bad; I got really excited when he asked me about it. I miss that guy. Although, in fairness, we have been talking quite a lot lately. And when I say a lot I mean phone calls and text messages.

Like last quarter, I commemorated surviving today with Magnum! Sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture with it, but I tried their new flavor, the chocolate cappuccino. I still prefer the original flavor, though.

Of course my good day doesn’t end there! Today I also met my new girls for the first time! They’re girls from our neighborhood here in Laguna, and I’m very blessed because God is opening doors for our family to minister together again.  We met at a rooftop overlooking the sunset, and it was just great being there, you know, ministering to young girls while seeing the beauty God created. Plus, sipping coffee my dad bought for me. That’s perfection right there, friends.

Tonight I was gonna start watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal because it has been more than a month since I finished my last Asian drama, which is Queen In Hyun’s Man. I ended up putting it off for another day because I think by the time I finish this entry, I’d be too sleepy to even finish an episode. And you know me, I rarely watch just half of the episode.

Here’s a random thought: I miss Ateneo, especially Ateneo at night, around this time of the year. I hope I can go there next month with Kai, because I don’t think I can miss spending even just one day of this season hearing the carols, seeing the lights of Bellarmine field, and feeling the Christmas breeze in my skin. I just have to, or else, my Christmas would be incomplete.

Alright, I’ll end this here because Paul’s calling me. Moral lesson of the day: Remember God’s faithfulness, and nothing–absolutely nothing–can go wrong. 🙂


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