It’s 11:37 PM and I’m being weird

Sometimes, I hate being human. I ask and beg and plead for things to be okay when they’re not, and when they finally are, I think of my life as bland and boring and lifeless.

And then I overthink things that are a lot simpler than I think them to be, and voila! Things are not okay again.

Lately I’m more on the overthinking part of the cycle, and it annoys me because I think it’s because I’m having all these conversations with friends ABOUT friends, and it annoys me all the more that I get jealous.

“I’m not jealous. I can’t be jealous. I never get jealous!”

But I guess the silver lining here is that even though I overthink, things are still okay.

It’ll stay this way as long as I keep my mouth shut.


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