Word Vomit II

Sorry I did not get to write yesterday. I was so tired I just fell asleep as soon as I got home. I woke up at around 4 AM to finish the script I was writing for a project I’m working on. Today we shot most of the scenes, and I’m very satisfied with the cast and the director. We have such talented kids these days; all we have to do is help them use these skills for the greater glory of God.

I spent my long break today shooting, and although it was a bit tiring, I really enjoyed it. Now I get the feeling of my director friends who are willing to shoot ’til the break of dawn, or ’til the wee hours of the night just to get the right shots. It’s fulfilling to be able to get across a message through your own storytelling technique. Others could’ve done it another way, but you chose your own way. I think the only measure of whether you are successful with your film is when your audience gets the point you’re trying to make.

So it all comes down to Saturday, then. Since sembreak, I initially dreaded Card-Giving day, but now that I have this to look forward to, I’m actually stoked.

I love that I’m given opportunities to try a lot of new things at this point in my life. Really! The Lord’s showing me that I can do a lot of things–ALL THINGS–through Him who gives me strength! If I just say yes to it, He is faithful to finish the work He has began in me. I just need to open my eyes wider and see the seed of potential He has placed in me. I can do greater things than what Jesus did, He said.

Just to give Him glory is enough, really 🙂


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