Word Vomit I

I have nineteen days left to work on an article I vowed I’d finish by the end of this month, but as you may all have already read in a previous post, I’m having a serious case of the writer’s block. Two writers I respect the most (one’s a friend, another’s a professor) already advised me to write on freehand first (MUST. NOT. EDIT!!!) and the perfect place to do that is in this blog.

For years, I’ve blogged with absolutely no care of what the world would think (visit my Multiply account for proof), until recently (2010, to be specific) when I realized that not everything must be shared to the world wide web. And so since then I’ve made a conscious attempt to read and proofread my entries carefully before I hit Publish.

But now that I’ve been told to write freely–at least, ’til I get my groove back–I’m introducing a 19-day series called Word Vomit (credit is due to an online friend–which online friend specifically, I cannot remember anymore–who used this title in one of his/her blog series as well) wherein I get to rant and rave and just talk about anything without much editing (you know I still care about my grammar).

In here I’ll write about my day, and update you guys about the other writing stuff I do, especially THAT ARTICLE I MUST FINISH ASAP. Tonight I (hope to) start writing that script for a short film I’m making for the school I work for. I can’t reveal the details yet (hahaha kala mo sobrang top secret) but I’m excited in so many levels because 1. I will write the script!!! First time I’m doing this!!! 2. The topic is something that’s very close to my heart. It’s something I really want to communicate to many. I’m giving myself tonight ’til tomorrow to write the script. I hope we finish shooting and editing this in time for public screening (sounds legit, yes?)

I’m excited to share to you my next Smiles and Promises blog because I’ll be talking about what went down during our event last night, In a Relationship With. I’m not posting yet because I don’t have the photos yet, but once I get my hands on them I promise I’ll post right away!

This week’s gonna be hectic. Aside from the lessons, I’ll be working on that film, as well as writing for this series (and that article!), plus preparing my heart for the upcoming second card-giving this Saturday. But I’m excited about a lot of things for this week:

  • (Hopefully) Revealed Wednesdays with co-workers
  • Shooting for the film, of course!
  • Preparing for the class’ Christmas Party on December
  • Coming up with the creative projects for my four subjects
  • Meeting new girls for Bible Study
  • Writing, writing, and more writing!
  • Going back to reading, because my prof said so

Here’s to this hectic week and the hope that I come out of it alive and inspired, more than ever 🙂

Thank you, 2012 The GUIDON News Secret Santa! PS: WHO ARE YOU


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