Smiles and Promises LVI

Spent Nov. 2 with co-workers and what do I get? That’s right, an album’s worth of our faces :)) Funny, I think this is what I missed while I was in college: being vain.

When this album was posted on Facebook by my coordinator (all credits due her, btw!), it was my bangs’ first cyber appearance :)) Yeahp, I had my hair bangs cut by my cousin, and I’m happy to say she did a very good job! I think this is the first bangs that I’ve ever liked since I started “experimenting” with my hair (aka when I went to college).

Nothing much to see here except for our vain photos, so if you’re up for that, then continue  browsing! 🙂 I especially like our wacky “let’s-pretend-it’s-the-end-of-the-world-or-we’re-partying” set of photos!



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