Smiles and Promises LV

It has been a very interesting sembreak thus far 🙂

  • Freshman Retreat (October 23-25)
  • God’s Girls sleepovers–yes, plural (October 26-28)
  • Encounter God Retreat (October 29-30)
  • Dinner + “sleepover” (work, actually) with coworkers at Ms. Lea’s house (October 30-31)
  • Last minute clearance-signing and Payday Wednesday! (October 31)
  • FRIENDS marathon in between days/breaks
  • And as of this writing, the SOULDiers are 15 minutes away from breaking the October fast!

I still have four days to enjoy this break! There’s still Undas 2012 with the Yanga clan, Splash Island with coworkers on the 2nd, Youth Night dry run on the 3rd, and an article due on the 4th.

I love you already, Sembreak 2012! ❤

PS: It kind of breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to see anyone from college this break 😦



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