Smiles and Promises LIV

Deb visited last Thursday to judge for the junior-senior debate competition, in celebration of our school’s Social Studies month. It was April, I think, when I last saw her, and I truly missed her, so I spent half that day touring her around campus and catching up with her (yey for long breaks during Thursdays!).

Photo c/o Mick Amaro

It was, of course, not a surprise that she turned heads that day. Sir Alomia’s introduction was truly fitting: Hold your breaths for this next judge! Later that day, a lot of students came up to her to get their photos taken with her–again, not surprising. She’s really a presence to behold, not only because she’s so beautiful, but also because she has her eyes set on her goals, and she’s already making her dreams come true.

Bakit sa akin walang nagpa-picture? =))) 

Photo c/o Mick Amaro


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