Smiles and Promises LIII


So for those who don’t know, I’m Jee and I graduated from Ateneo. And I’m a huge fan of collegiate basketball here in the Philippines. NOT. More like I’m a fan during the Finals (which for five years already since I started college, my university has been a part of, and it has won victoriously every single time).


Yesterday I celebrated my second (fifth for Ateneo) bonfire since I haven’t been going to the second, third and fourth bonfires. It was a muddy first bonfire during freshman year, so I got so pissed off I did not go to the second bonfire. I don’t know why I did not go to the third bonfire, but I didn’t want to see someone during the fourth, so that makes this fifth bonfire my second bonfire.


Anyway! It was good to be back home in Ateneo! I went straight from work, stayed at our place in Balara ’til 6PM, met Jom at Fullybooked, then walked to Wok Dis Way for dinner with blockmates (Zarah, Paolo, Job, Ceej, Lexie). We went to the very crowded Ateneo grade school parking lot a little while later for the main event, and met Topher there. I went with Toph and Jom to meet some Ateneo Book Bench people, but I didn’t stay long since the very demanding Katerina Francisco wanted to see my face so badly I just had to succumb to her request.

So photo of the night: We watched the lighting of the bonfire, plus the pretty fireworks together! ROMANTIC

We’re so hipster yknow.

Photo c/o Zarah | Jom, Lexie and Topher

I’ll never get tired of seeing the faces of these people. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Smiles and Promises LIII

    • HEY this is not jeje it’s hipster!! Yknow, with the play on lights and all!!! Parang party pic nga e! I’M TRYING OKAY

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