Smiles and Promises LII

Handwritten letters are love ❤

I told a friend that the rewards of teaching come in different packages, and here’s an example of that. My mind cannot comprehend why these tweens still choose to honor me even if (1) our school already celebrated Teacher’s Day earlier than the world’s celebration and (2) I almost always scold them as their adviser. I know I might not be the best adviser out there (admittedly, since I’m a very moody one haha) but I give them my best, and I hope these letters serve as an indication that I’m actually contributing something valuable in their lives, even thru small ways.

Today is a Sunday, and I’m home alone since I’ve been advised to rest after my surgery yesterday. I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted, and it was the longest one and a half hour of my life. Hopefully, it’s the last I’m getting rid of since all my other wisdom teeth grew well. I’m crossing my fingers!

So here’s what I’m doing/going to do this day, in pictures!

Finishing Office Girls. I thought it ends at 23 episodes, but to my surprise it actually stretches to 25!! What I do for you, Roy Qiu (hey it rhymes)

Checking/recording TONS OF PAPERWORKS. Look at that mess. Repeat to self a million times: I’m going to finish this TODAY.

My mess of a desk. But I actually like how colorful it is hee ❤

It feels weird staying home on a Sunday since I’m really used to always going to church. Even the morning air felt/smelled different. After today, days will go by pretty quickly, and I have to get ready for that.

By the way, this is my 52nd Smiles and Promises blog, which means I’ve been doing this for a year now, yey! If you wanna have an idea of how my fantastic year was, just click this link to see all them blogs. I officially started this blog last October 15, 2011 so I’m still a week shy from the official “anniversary” but because a year consists of 52 weeks I thought maybe I should just mention it here.

For next week, though, and to commemorate the official “anniversary”, I’ll prepare a lengthy blog + better photographs. I’m excited to bring my baby out again!

That’s that then. ‘Til next week’s Smiles and Promises!
Jee ❤


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