Smiles and Promises LI

This week started crappy, but ended in a happy, once-again-inspired note. I got sick–which in my opinion is the worst getting sick I’ve been since I was born–but I got to meet up with Kai and Jose yesterday and that really made my week, nay, my month! (Photos from that date to be posted here once I get my hands on Kai’s pretty photographs of the trip!)

Pathetically trying to smile even though my wisdom tooth was aching and I had swollen gums.

Tomorrow’s a big day because of a lot of things, like the school’s Sportsfest opening, OCTOBERFAST‘s first day (this I’ll be talking about more in a week’s time) and the great workload I neglected for almost two weeks because of not feeling well. But since I’m set-apart like Daniel, I won’t worry my life away! Because not only am I good-looking (hahaha) and smart (hahaha) but I will also pursue a lifestyle that is set-apart! And this month will be tough, but there’s a lot to look forward to as well, so I’m just excited what it has in store for me.

The year is quickly coming to a close, with just three months left in our calendars. But I know so much can still happen in that short time, so while I think 2012 is already a great year as it is, I’m sure the Lord has ways to make it even greater.

Lord, surprise me 🙂


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