EDITED: Going (Social Media) Relevant

Posting this before I head off to dreamland since (1) I’m sick, so norm dictates that I must be resting and/or sleeping early (2) I plan to wake up early tomorrow for my quiet time (also to stop adding another five peso to my 20-peso debit with Ilka).

1. My church, Community of the Resurrected Christ, recently opened a Facebook page! Nothing much to see yet, but please hit “Like” if you want regular updates from CRC and its lovely (and not to mention gorgeous) members!

2. Because my youth ministry SOULΔiers is really leveling up and walking by faith, we’re launching a Tumblr page this Sunday! Spread the Word, hit the “Follow” button (if you’re on Tumblr) and pray with us as we hope to reach out to more young people through this website.

3. Follow us on Twitter too!

I can’t contain the excitement in my heart, because I believe (and I boast in the Lord!) that He has really set apart our church. It has been a tough 14 years, but our only desire is to be found faithful in His eyes because He remained faithful all this time. And with our gifts and talents, may He eternally be glorified, ’til the day that we see that Glory face to face 🙂


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