Smiles and Promises XLVI

Another long weekend! Later today my co-workers and I will conduct relief operations for places that were rummaged by flood waters for the past month. Two highlights of my last week:

1. Meeting with some of my favorite Block A people!

I finished practice early last Saturday afternoon, and while I was walking to the Full of Sunshine Pension (Marlo’s place), I met Lexie on the way. We waited for Marlo at their lobby, fetched Carlo at 7/11, and met Paolo at Subspace. Zarah followed half an hour or so later.

After catching up and talking with smart phones, we decided to have dinner at Ye Dang near Metrowalk. Carlo left even before we began eating, so he missed the drunk Koreans who were shouting from their table in joyous celebration. I really felt like I was in a Korean drama or something! More so, because we ordered pork ribs and beef. I channeled my inner Gu Mi Ho!

Photo c/o Zarah | What’s with the pose, Carlo

Ah bashta~~!!!

After dinner, we accompanied Paolo to buy some DVDs from a hipster (his words) stall in Metrowalk. Later, Marlo and I found ourselves handing a lady vendor a hundred and twenty bucks for a City Hall DVD. For the next sleepover, Jo and Pia!

Photo c/o Zarah | Paolo in action


2. I failed to beat an 11:59 deadline, but I’m glad I still finished my birthday promise for my dear friend Jose. It was good to know he kept  laughing the entire time–my efforts were not in vain! I enjoyed making that (but I’m not making it public) so I’ll post some screenshots to pique your curiosity :>


“In that day I will restore the fallen house of David.
I will repair its damaged walls.
From the ruins I will rebuild it
and restore its former glory.”

Amos 9:11




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