Smiles and Promises XLIV

Such a Rainie copycat

Last week was crazy. I only went to work twice and got stuck at home for the rest of the week. When I had nothing else to work on anymore, I finished a KDrama I’ve been watching for months already (Dalja’s Spring), marathon-ed The Chronicles of Narnia, went out to get nail art for the very first time, and finally went back to spending quiet time with the Lord.

Last Sunday, my brother and I were talking to our uncle about the extent of God’s love vis-a-vis the free will of man. Our free will, in relation to God, is not some sort of  remote control; it’s not like when you drop the remote, God stops moving, or conversely, when you pick it up and “control” it, God starts moving. God is always in movement, always doing something (and His rest is not our definition of rest: He finds rest in spirits that are contrite and hearts that are humble, hearts that tremble at God’s whisper alone). The beauty of free will is that God gives us the choice to be part of His great plan. And with that, He is also giving us the choice to let Him work on our lives in a very personal way. God’s rest is a relationship, and His love is so great that just the mere fact that we’re still alive suggests that He has allowed us to live one more day.

So in short, all I want to say is that I thank God for the grace that allows me to live just one more day 🙂


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