Smiles and Promises XLII, and some

Here’s what I looked like last Sunday. I braid my hair more often now because I can already do so, and I’m feeling a lot girly lately. Don’t ask me why–I just do.

Day two of no classes, but I still had to go to work because I’m not a student anymore (and no complaints here!). It has been two productive days, if I do say so myself. So far I’ve finished a long test, a mastery test, and tonight I’m just eight questions away from finishing this quarter’s major examination. Of course there are also adviser duties I have to accomplish at the side, but there’s nothing like a great working environment to keep me doing what I’m doing.

I feel like I’ve been ignoring this blog, and people might start thinking my life is just so downright boring I have nothing to write or share anymore. Quite the contrary, actually: lately I’ve been enjoying life, no less! There are so many things to thank God for:

  • Work, and the privilege to be serving where I am most needed (at this point in my life)
  • Friends. Catching up with old ones (either via technology or old-school face-to-face dates) and building the foundation for new ones…
  • …which leads me to the next bullet: Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, my co-workers and I attend a worship service for young professionals somewhere in Alabang. If you’re aware of my Wednesday schedule, it’s actually the craziest day of my week. But I’d go home every Wednesday at around 10-10:30 pm, lie in my bed waiting for sleep to come, and tell myself: it’s been a great day.

And would you look at that–tomorrow’s Wednesday! 🙂

When things get tiring, I go to my Asian dramas to de-stress. I just recently finished Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (which you all should totally watch–out of all the crazy Korean dramas out there, this one got the crazy right) and Big (which began with so much potential and ended as one of the suckiest Korean dramas ever made–ever. Also: worst Hong Sister’s drama ever). I’ve put Dalja’s Spring on hold (only because I can’t find a decent streamed video of the next episode I’m about to watch), so right now I’m at Episode 14 of  Lie to Me, and I’m liking it only for Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye (the story already went bonkers from the get-go).

It’s raining hard tonight. I wonder if they’d cancel classes again tomorrow. The student in me says ‘YES, PLEASE!’ but now that I’m so behind my lesson plan, I’d like the rain to stop now, thank you very much.

The Lord’s still, small voice has been speaking to me gently lately. He wants me back, and not just an hour of me, or even a minute. He wants everything about me back. I still struggle a lot when it comes to giving myself, but He is still perfecting His love in my life. Little by little. Slowly but surely. It’s such a personal journey, and it’s not something I’d write a book (or blog) about. It’s messy, and I’m broken, but it’s beautiful. His movement in my life is beautiful even if I’m always going back to the ugly me.

Rainie Yang, and a new music video. I hope I age gracefully the way she does:


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